DAY 1 MEDALS – 2020 Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Comp

Day 1 – 2020 Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Comp

CLASS 1 – Plain Mince Beef Pie

Albury Riverside BakerySILVER
Buddy BakerySILVER
Country Cob BakerySILVER
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingSILVER
Pat-a-cake BakerySILVER
Sams Bakehouse CaféSILVER
Aperloos BakeryBRONZE
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieBRONZE
Hein’s BakeryBRONZE
Howlong Country BakeryBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryBRONZE
Matts Bakery CaféBRONZE
Tatura Hot BreadBRONZE
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointBRONZE
Trappers BakeryBRONZE

Class 2 – Plain Chunky Beef Pie

Albury Riverside BakerySILVER
Buddy BakerySILVER
Country Cob BakerySILVER
Country Cob BakerySILVER
Hein’s BakerySILVER
Pat-a-cake BakerySILVER
Casper’s Pies & PastriesBRONZE
Crispy’s PiesBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingBRONZE
Matts Bakery CaféBRONZE
Middlemount BakeryBRONZE
Molly Dene BakehouseBRONZE
Molly Dene BakehouseBRONZE
Quinty BakehouseBRONZE
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointBRONZE

Class 3 – Flavoured Beef Pie

Aperloos BakeryBeef Brisket & JalapenoGOLD
Country Cob BakeryGOLD
Country Cob BakeryCurry BeefGOLD
Country Cob BakeryBBQ BeefGOLD
Albury Riverside BakerySlow Cooked Shredded Beef & PepperSILVER
Albury Riverside BakeryCheese & BaconSILVER
Aperloos BakeryBrisket & CheddarSILVER
Aperloos BakeryPepper & Caramalised OnionSILVER
Aperloos BakeryBeef & Caramalised OnionSILVER
Buddy BakerySteak & CurrySILVER
Buddy BakerySteak, Bacon & CheeseSILVER
Buddy BakerySteak & MushroomSILVER
Buddy BakerySteak & PepperSILVER
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesTexan Braised BeefSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieChunky Steak & ChilliSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieChunky Beef & BaconSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieFinley’s Farmers ChoiceSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieChunky Beef & PepperSILVER
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingCurrySILVER
Hein’s BakeryBeef & MushroomSILVER
Howlong Country BakerySteak, Cheese & BaconSILVER
Molly Dene BakehousePepperSILVER
Oliver’s PiesMexicanSILVER
Quinty BakehouseChunky Beef & MushroomSILVER
Tatura Hot BreadMexican BeefSILVER
Tatura Hot BreadCaramalised Onion & Chunky BeefSILVER
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieBeef Guiness & PotatoSILVER
Albury Riverside BakeryCurryBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieSteak & KidneyBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingPepperBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingCheese & BaconBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingPotatoBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryCountry CurryBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryChunky Angus with Caramalised OnionBRONZE
Middlemount BakeryCurry PotatoBRONZE
Middlemount BakeryChunky Steak PepperBRONZE
Middlemount BakeryChunky Steak & CheeseBRONZE
Molly Dene BakehouseMexicanBRONZE
Molly Dene BakehouseCheese & BaconBRONZE
Norros BakehousePepperBRONZE
Royces Home Style CakesMushroomBRONZE
Sams Bakehouse CaféSteak DianeBRONZE
Sams Bakehouse CaféSteak & MushroomBRONZE
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointSteak & KidneyBRONZE
Tully PiesFrench Onion BeefBRONZE
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieBeef & VegetableBRONZE
Waterview Bakery – Joanne MyersCamp Oven PieBRONZE

Class 4 – Vegetarian

Country Cob BakeryCreamy Mushroom & Leek PastaGOLD
Country Cob BakeryCurry Cauliflower, Chickpea, Lentil & PeaGOLD
Crispy’s PiesCauliflower, Chickpea CurrySILVER
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesVegan Rogan JoshSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieSILVER
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryCauliflower SILVER
Oliver’s PiesMexicanSILVER
Tatura Hot BreadCauliflower & CheeseSILVER
Quinty BakehouseWhite Cheese SauceBRONZE
Tully PiesCheesy Mushroom & SpinachBRONZE
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieSpicy Vegetable & FetaBRONZE

Class 5 – Seafood

Country Cob BakeryCurried ScallopGOLD
Country Cob BakeryRoasted Sesame Lobster & Creamy MushroomGOLD
Country Cob BakerySeafood AmokGOLD
Country Cob BakeryScallop MornaySILVER
Country Cob BakeryXO Scallop NoodleSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieBeef & ReefSILVER
Oliver’s PiesSmoked FishSILVER
Casper’s Pies & PastriesSmoked BarramundiBRONZE
Waterview Bakery – Joanne MyersScallop MornayBRONZE

Class 6 – Poultry

Aperloos BakeryTuscan ChickenGOLD
Country Cob BakeryCambodian Curry ChickenGOLD
Buddy BakeryChicken & CurrySILVER
Buddy BakeryChicken & VegSILVER
Country Cob BakeryKorean BBQ ChickenSILVER
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryHoney Mustard ChickenSILVER
Oliver’s PiesGreen Thai ChickenSILVER
Quinty BakehouseButter ChickenSILVER
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieChicken, Corn & SpinachSILVER
Albury Riverside BakerySatay ChickenBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieCarbonaraBRONZE
Pat-a-cake BakeryChicken SatayBRONZE

Class 7 – Gourmet

Country Cob BakeryAmerican BBQ Whiskey Pork & Quail EggGOLD
Country Cob BakeryBeef Brisket with Mac & CheeseGOLD
Country Cob BakeryRoasted Cumin LambGOLD
Country Cob BakerySpicy Korean Pork Belly & KimchiGOLD
Country Cob BakeryTom Yum BeefGOLD
Country Cob BakeryCaramalised Pork & PepperSILVER
Albury Riverside BakerySpaghetti BologneseSILVER
Aperloos BakeryJamacian GoatSILVER
Aperloos BakeryRoast Lamb & VegetableSILVER
Buddy BakeryCurry & Rice SteakSILVER
Country Cob BakeryTexas Pork Spare Ribs & Mash PotatoSILVER
Country Cob BakeryLamb JumbuckSILVER
Country Cob BakerySurf & TurfSILVER
Country Cob BakeryDouble HogSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieLamb & RosemarySILVER
Pat-a-cake BakeryLamb & RosemarySILVER
Quinty BakehouseLamb, Pumpkin & RosemarySILVER
Tully PiesMoroccan LambSILVER
Tully PiesKangaroo marinated in lager with native herbs and spicesSILVER
Tully PiesGoat Rogan JoshSILVER
Tasty Fresh Food CoScalloped PotatoBRONZE
Aperloos BakeryPork & Roasted FennelBRONZE
Crispy’s PiesLamb CurryBRONZE
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesSpicy Mexican LambBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryLasagnaBRONZE
Tully PiesLamb Shanks & Country VeggiesBRONZE
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieCroque MonsieurBRONZE
Watch Your Fingers PatisseriePork Belly Apple and OnionBRONZE

Class 8 – Gluten Free

Country Cob BakeryPepper BeefSILVER
Country Cob BakeryCaramalised Pork & PepperSILVER
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesPulled Pork & Smoky Bourbrn & MapleSILVER
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointChunky SteakBRONZE

Class 9 – Apprentice Plain Mince Beef

Country Cob Bakery – Alex SousSILVER
Finley Bakery & Patisserie – Kattarina WhiteBRONZE
Finley Bakery & Patisserie – Simi NaicoriBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery –  Aileen RyanBRONZE

Class 10 – Traditional Pastie

Ferguson Plarre BakehousesGOLD
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryGOLD
Aperloos BakerySILVER
Aperloos BakerySILVER
Buddy BakerySILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieSILVER
Howlong Country BakerySILVER
Molly Dene BakehouseSILVER
Albury Riverside BakeryBRONZE
Brereton BakeryBRONZE
Moama Bowling ClubBRONZE
Royces Home Style CakesBRONZE

Class 11 – Gourmet Pastie

Tully PiesChicken SambusakSILVER
Tully PiesJamaican Beef PastieSILVER
Country Cob BakeryRoasted Garlic Chicken & ChipolteBRONZE
Country Cob BakeryMongolian LambBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieCurryBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakerySalmon PastieBRONZE

Class 12 – Vegetarian Pastie

Casper’s Pies & PastriesVegetableSILVER
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryVegetableSILVER
Molly Dene BakehouseVegetarianSILVER
Albury Riverside BakerySpinach & FetaBRONZE
Brereton BakeryVegetarianBRONZE
Buddy BakeryVegetableBRONZE
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesChickpea, Eggplant & Pumpkin CurryBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieVegetarianBRONZE
Howlong Country BakeryBRONZE
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointDurban Potato CurryBRONZE

Class 13 – Gluten Free Pastie

Class 14 – Apprentice Traditional Pastie

Finley Bakery & Patisserie – Andrea SneddonSILVER
Finley Bakery & Patisserie – Sharyn WhiteSILVER
Tatura Hot Bread – Olivia WellsBRONZE

One thought on “DAY 1 MEDALS – 2020 Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Comp

  1. well done everybody it is great to see new bakeries entering and doing so well as well as the old ones.
    Great new flavors its just fantastic that we have so many talented bakers out there.
    Wish i was there take care and stay safe all of you.


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