DAY 1 MEDALS – 2020 Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Comp

Day 1 – 2020 Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Comp

CLASS 1 – Plain Mince Beef Pie

Albury Riverside BakerySILVER
Buddy BakerySILVER
Country Cob BakerySILVER
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingSILVER
Pat-a-cake BakerySILVER
Sams Bakehouse CaféSILVER
Aperloos BakeryBRONZE
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieBRONZE
Hein’s BakeryBRONZE
Howlong Country BakeryBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryBRONZE
Matts Bakery CaféBRONZE
Tatura Hot BreadBRONZE
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointBRONZE
Trappers BakeryBRONZE

Class 2 – Plain Chunky Beef Pie

Albury Riverside BakerySILVER
Buddy BakerySILVER
Country Cob BakerySILVER
Country Cob BakerySILVER
Hein’s BakerySILVER
Pat-a-cake BakerySILVER
Casper’s Pies & PastriesBRONZE
Crispy’s PiesBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingBRONZE
Matts Bakery CaféBRONZE
Middlemount BakeryBRONZE
Molly Dene BakehouseBRONZE
Molly Dene BakehouseBRONZE
Quinty BakehouseBRONZE
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointBRONZE

Class 3 – Flavoured Beef Pie

Aperloos BakeryBeef Brisket & JalapenoGOLD
Country Cob BakeryGOLD
Country Cob BakeryCurry BeefGOLD
Country Cob BakeryBBQ BeefGOLD
Albury Riverside BakerySlow Cooked Shredded Beef & PepperSILVER
Albury Riverside BakeryCheese & BaconSILVER
Aperloos BakeryBrisket & CheddarSILVER
Aperloos BakeryPepper & Caramalised OnionSILVER
Aperloos BakeryBeef & Caramalised OnionSILVER
Buddy BakerySteak & CurrySILVER
Buddy BakerySteak, Bacon & CheeseSILVER
Buddy BakerySteak & MushroomSILVER
Buddy BakerySteak & PepperSILVER
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesTexan Braised BeefSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieChunky Steak & ChilliSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieChunky Beef & BaconSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieFinley’s Farmers ChoiceSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieChunky Beef & PepperSILVER
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingCurrySILVER
Hein’s BakeryBeef & MushroomSILVER
Howlong Country BakerySteak, Cheese & BaconSILVER
Molly Dene BakehousePepperSILVER
Oliver’s PiesMexicanSILVER
Quinty BakehouseChunky Beef & MushroomSILVER
Tatura Hot BreadMexican BeefSILVER
Tatura Hot BreadCaramalised Onion & Chunky BeefSILVER
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieBeef Guiness & PotatoSILVER
Albury Riverside BakeryCurryBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieSteak & KidneyBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingPepperBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingCheese & BaconBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery – John CatlingPotatoBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryCountry CurryBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryChunky Angus with Caramalised OnionBRONZE
Middlemount BakeryCurry PotatoBRONZE
Middlemount BakeryChunky Steak PepperBRONZE
Middlemount BakeryChunky Steak & CheeseBRONZE
Molly Dene BakehouseMexicanBRONZE
Molly Dene BakehouseCheese & BaconBRONZE
Norros BakehousePepperBRONZE
Royces Home Style CakesMushroomBRONZE
Sams Bakehouse CaféSteak DianeBRONZE
Sams Bakehouse CaféSteak & MushroomBRONZE
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointSteak & KidneyBRONZE
Tully PiesFrench Onion BeefBRONZE
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieBeef & VegetableBRONZE
Waterview Bakery – Joanne MyersCamp Oven PieBRONZE

Class 4 – Vegetarian

Country Cob BakeryCreamy Mushroom & Leek PastaGOLD
Country Cob BakeryCurry Cauliflower, Chickpea, Lentil & PeaGOLD
Crispy’s PiesCauliflower, Chickpea CurrySILVER
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesVegan Rogan JoshSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieSILVER
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryCauliflower SILVER
Oliver’s PiesMexicanSILVER
Tatura Hot BreadCauliflower & CheeseSILVER
Quinty BakehouseWhite Cheese SauceBRONZE
Tully PiesCheesy Mushroom & SpinachBRONZE
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieSpicy Vegetable & FetaBRONZE

Class 5 – Seafood

Country Cob BakeryCurried ScallopGOLD
Country Cob BakeryRoasted Sesame Lobster & Creamy MushroomGOLD
Country Cob BakerySeafood AmokGOLD
Country Cob BakeryScallop MornaySILVER
Country Cob BakeryXO Scallop NoodleSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieBeef & ReefSILVER
Oliver’s PiesSmoked FishSILVER
Casper’s Pies & PastriesSmoked BarramundiBRONZE
Waterview Bakery – Joanne MyersScallop MornayBRONZE

Class 6 – Poultry

Aperloos BakeryTuscan ChickenGOLD
Country Cob BakeryCambodian Curry ChickenGOLD
Buddy BakeryChicken & CurrySILVER
Buddy BakeryChicken & VegSILVER
Country Cob BakeryKorean BBQ ChickenSILVER
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryHoney Mustard ChickenSILVER
Oliver’s PiesGreen Thai ChickenSILVER
Quinty BakehouseButter ChickenSILVER
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieChicken, Corn & SpinachSILVER
Albury Riverside BakerySatay ChickenBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieCarbonaraBRONZE
Pat-a-cake BakeryChicken SatayBRONZE

Class 7 – Gourmet

Country Cob BakeryAmerican BBQ Whiskey Pork & Quail EggGOLD
Country Cob BakeryBeef Brisket with Mac & CheeseGOLD
Country Cob BakeryRoasted Cumin LambGOLD
Country Cob BakerySpicy Korean Pork Belly & KimchiGOLD
Country Cob BakeryTom Yum BeefGOLD
Country Cob BakeryCaramalised Pork & PepperSILVER
Albury Riverside BakerySpaghetti BologneseSILVER
Aperloos BakeryJamacian GoatSILVER
Aperloos BakeryRoast Lamb & VegetableSILVER
Buddy BakeryCurry & Rice SteakSILVER
Country Cob BakeryTexas Pork Spare Ribs & Mash PotatoSILVER
Country Cob BakeryLamb JumbuckSILVER
Country Cob BakerySurf & TurfSILVER
Country Cob BakeryDouble HogSILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieLamb & RosemarySILVER
Pat-a-cake BakeryLamb & RosemarySILVER
Quinty BakehouseLamb, Pumpkin & RosemarySILVER
Tully PiesMoroccan LambSILVER
Tully PiesKangaroo marinated in lager with native herbs and spicesSILVER
Tully PiesGoat Rogan JoshSILVER
Tasty Fresh Food CoScalloped PotatoBRONZE
Aperloos BakeryPork & Roasted FennelBRONZE
Crispy’s PiesLamb CurryBRONZE
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesSpicy Mexican LambBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryLasagnaBRONZE
Tully PiesLamb Shanks & Country VeggiesBRONZE
Watch Your Fingers PatisserieCroque MonsieurBRONZE
Watch Your Fingers PatisseriePork Belly Apple and OnionBRONZE

Class 8 – Gluten Free

Country Cob BakeryPepper BeefSILVER
Country Cob BakeryCaramalised Pork & PepperSILVER
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesPulled Pork & Smoky Bourbrn & MapleSILVER
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointChunky SteakBRONZE

Class 9 – Apprentice Plain Mince Beef

Country Cob Bakery – Alex SousSILVER
Finley Bakery & Patisserie – Kattarina WhiteBRONZE
Finley Bakery & Patisserie – Simi NaicoriBRONZE
Gundagai Bakery –  Aileen RyanBRONZE

Class 10 – Traditional Pastie

Ferguson Plarre BakehousesGOLD
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryGOLD
Aperloos BakerySILVER
Aperloos BakerySILVER
Buddy BakerySILVER
Finley Bakery & PatisserieSILVER
Howlong Country BakerySILVER
Molly Dene BakehouseSILVER
Albury Riverside BakeryBRONZE
Brereton BakeryBRONZE
Moama Bowling ClubBRONZE
Royces Home Style CakesBRONZE

Class 11 – Gourmet Pastie

Tully PiesChicken SambusakSILVER
Tully PiesJamaican Beef PastieSILVER
Country Cob BakeryRoasted Garlic Chicken & ChipolteBRONZE
Country Cob BakeryMongolian LambBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieCurryBRONZE
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakerySalmon PastieBRONZE

Class 12 – Vegetarian Pastie

Casper’s Pies & PastriesVegetableSILVER
Hungie Fangs Artisan BakeryVegetableSILVER
Molly Dene BakehouseVegetarianSILVER
Albury Riverside BakerySpinach & FetaBRONZE
Brereton BakeryVegetarianBRONZE
Buddy BakeryVegetableBRONZE
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesChickpea, Eggplant & Pumpkin CurryBRONZE
Finley Bakery & PatisserieVegetarianBRONZE
Howlong Country BakeryBRONZE
The Mill Bakery @ Paradise PointDurban Potato CurryBRONZE

Class 13 – Gluten Free Pastie

Class 14 – Apprentice Traditional Pastie

Finley Bakery & Patisserie – Andrea SneddonSILVER
Finley Bakery & Patisserie – Sharyn WhiteSILVER
Tatura Hot Bread – Olivia WellsBRONZE

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