Welcome to Sydney – the 2020 Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Competition has been moved to Sydney!

The Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Competition has been moved to Sydney for 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions and lock downs in Melbourne.

The competition will run on the same dates, from 25th August to 27th August 2020, and will be hosted at the new venue in Sydney – Randwick Race Course.

As well as the exciting news that the Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Competition will be going ahead, we have some more great news – the major sponsors of the competition have come together to help reduce the cost of entries and will also be providing a FREE BAA Airport Shuttle Bus, to help get you and your entries to the competition easily and safely!

The entry forms have continued to roll in over the last few months, and we are pleased to say that industry is looking forward to the competition as much as we are! There has never been a better time to let your customers know how great your product is – and wouldn’t it be nice to say you had Australia’s Best Pie or Australia’s Best Pastie!

The cost to enter is now only $30.00 per entry for BAA members, and $40.00 per entry for non-members, and there is 3 easy ways to get your product to the competition – Hand Deliver to the competition, the easy to use Australia Post, or choose your own courier! Contact the BAA team for more information!

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