DAY 2 MEDALS – 2020 Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Comp

Day 2 – 2020 Australia’s Best Pie & Pastie Comp

CLASS 1 – Plain Mince Beef Pie

Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunGOLD
Four Seasons Patisserie BakeryGOLD
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesGOLD
Banana Boogie BakerySILVER
Boronia BakehouseSILVER
Ciminis Pasticceria Bakery & CaféSILVER
Copley Bush Bakery & Quandong CaféSILVER
Glenorie BakerySILVER
Heatherbraes PiesSILVER
Kellys BakerySILVER
Kiwi Steak and Chesse PieSILVER
K’Pane Artisan BakerySILVER
Patersons PiesSILVER
The Little Red GrapeSILVER
Wattle Snack BarSILVER
The BakersDen BakeryBRONZE
The Bakehouse AldingaBRONZE
Teddy’s BakeryBRONZE
Sunraysia Bread & Butter BakeryBRONZE
Pattisons Patisserie MossmanBRONZE
Parfait Patisserie BRONZE
Melton Bakery Cafe & TakeawayBRONZE
Lakesway BakeryBRONZE
Heatherbrae Pies Sutton ForrestBRONZE

Class 2 – Plain Chunky Beef Pie

Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunGOLD
Four Seasons Patisserie BakeryGOLD
Maleny BakeryGOLD
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesGOLD
Bakers Cottage CaféSILVER
Ciminis Pasticceria Bakery & CaféSILVER
Glenorie BakerySILVER
Parfait PatisserieSILVER
The BakersDen BakerySILVER
The Humble BakehouseSILVER
Wangi Wangi Bakehouse – David WoodsSILVER
Clare Rise Bakery 1895BRONZE
Heatherbrae Pies Sutton ForrestBRONZE
Kiwi Steak and Chesse PieBRONZE
Melton Bakery C\afe & TakeawayBRONZE
Pie & Pastry ParadiseBRONZE
The Bakehouse AldingaBRONZE
The Brooky PieBRONZE

Class 3 – Flavoured Beef Pie

Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunPepperGOLD
Allambie PiesMexican BeefSILVER
Bakers Cottage CaféJalapenoSILVER
Bakers Cottage CaféTomato & OnionSILVER
Bakers Cottage CaféCurrySILVER
Bakers Cottage CaféPepperSILVER
Bakers Cottage CaféSteak & KidneySILVER
Boronia BakehouseBacon & CheeseSILVER
Boronia BakehouseCurrySILVER
Buddy BakerySteak & PepperSILVER
Carah’s Cakes & PiesSteak & MushroomSILVER
CJ’s BakeryPepper SteakSILVER
Copley Bush Bakery & Quandong CaféChunky Steak & PepperSILVER
Copley Bush Bakery & Quandong CaféBeef CurrySILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunCurrySILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunSteak & KidneySILVER
Heatherbraes PiesMexican MinceSILVER
Heatherbraes PiesStout Ale Beff & VegSILVER
Kellys BakeryBeef & ReefSILVER
K’Pane Artisan BakeryBeef & Red WineSILVER
Maleny BakeryCurrySILVER
Maleny BakeryCheese & BaconSILVER
Maleny BakeryPepperSILVER
Maleny BakeryMushroomSILVER
Parfait Patisserie Beef & PotatoSILVER
The Bakehouse AldingaSteak & KidneySILVER
The Brooky PieMexican PieSILVER
The Little Red GrapeShirazSILVER
The Little Red GrapePepperSILVER
Wattle Snack BarChilli Con Carne PieSILVER
Allambie PiesPepper SteakBRONZE
Aussie Oggie Pasty CoAussie Slow CookedBRONZE
Bakers Cottage CaféCheese & BaconBRONZE
Bakers Cottage CaféMushroomBRONZE
Bakers Cottage CaféCheese BRONZE
Carah’s Cakes & PiesSteak & KidneyBRONZE
Carah’s Cakes & PiesPepper SteakBRONZE
Clare Rise Bakery 1895Steak, Bacon, Onion & CheeseBRONZE
Clare Rise Bakery 1895Pepper SteakBRONZE
Clare Rise Bakery 1895Beef Potato TopBRONZE
Heatherbraes PiesChilli & Cheese MinceBRONZE
Mi-BakeryBacon & CheeseBRONZE
Patersons PiesMushroomBRONZE
Pattisons Patisserie MossmanBeef BurgundyBRONZE
The Bakehouse AldingaPepper SteakBRONZE
The Bakehouse AldingaSteak, Cheese & BaconBRONZE
The Bakehouse AldingaSteak & MushroomBRONZE
The BakersDen BakeryPepperBRONZE
The Humble BakehouseSteak & PepperBRONZE
The Little Red GrapeCheese & BaconBRONZE
Wangi Wangi Bakehouse – David WoodsCheese & BaconBRONZE

Class 4 – Vegetarian Pie

The BakersDen BakeryVegetable Cream’GOLD
Allambie PiesPumpkin & FetaSILVER
Banana Boogie BakeryCauliflowerSILVER
Boronia BakehouseChilli BeanSILVER
Ciminis Pasticceria Bakery & CaféVegetarianSILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunVeganSILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunCreamy Mushroom PastaSILVER
Glenorie BakerySILVER
Kellys BakeryVegie PieSILVER
K’Pane Artisan BakeryPumpkin & LentilSILVER
Mi-BakeryItalian Based Red LentilsSILVER
Patersons PiesSweet Potato, Pumpkin in Coconut MilkSILVER
Pie Face Bakery PTYVEGAN Mince PieSILVER
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesVegan Chilli Con CarneSILVER
Sunraysia Bread & Butter BakeryCauliflower & BroccoliSILVER
The Bakehouse AldingaCauliflower, Broccoli & CheeseSILVER
The Brooky PieVeggie Korma PieSILVER
The Little Red GrapeSpinach & FettaSILVER
Boronia BakehouseVegetableBRONZE

Class 5 – Seafood Pie

Four Seasons Patisserie BakeryMalasian Seafood PieGOLD
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesPrawn LaksaGOLD
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunCreamy Mushroom LobsterSILVER
The Brooky PieTuna MornaySILVER
Aussie Oggie Pasty CoPrawn & ScallopBRONZE
Banana Boogie BakeryTuna PieBRONZE
Boronia BakehouseLing & PrawnBRONZE
Kiwi Steak and Chesse PieCreamy SeafoodBRONZE
The Bakehouse AldingaCurry ScallopBRONZE

Class 6 – Poultry Pie

Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunSmoked Chicken & BrieGOLD
Four Seasons Patisserie BakeryTuscan ChickenGOLD
Four Seasons Patisserie BakerySatay ChickenGOLD
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesGarlic Pepper ChickenGOLD
Allambie PiesChicken, Avo & BrieSILVER
Banana Boogie BakerySatay ChickenSILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunCoq Au Vin Chicken & Red WineSILVER
Heatherbrae Pies Sutton ForrestBarnyard ChickenSILVER
Heatherbraes PiesBuffalo Chicken & Blue CheeseSILVER
K’Pane Artisan BakeryChicken & Truffle MushroomSILVER
Maleny BakeryButter ChickenSILVER
Maleny BakeryChicken VeggieSILVER
Patersons PiesChicken & LeekSILVER
Patersons PiesChicken & MushroomSILVER
Pattisons Patisserie MossmanCreamy Chicken & GarlicSILVER
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesChicken CarbonaraSILVER
The Bakehouse AldingaThai ChickenSILVER
The Bakehouse AldingaChicken, Mushroom & CamembertSILVER
The Brooky PieChicken Mushroom PieSILVER
The Brooky PieChicken, Broccoli Cheese PieSILVER
The Brooky PieSatay Chicken PieSILVER
The Little Red GrapeHoney Mustard ChickenSILVER
Bakers Cottage CaféChicken & CurryBRONZE
Bakers Cottage CaféChicken & VegBRONZE
Carah’s Cakes & PiesChicken & MushroomBRONZE
Carah’s Cakes & PiesChicken CurryBRONZE
Copley Bush Bakery & Quandong CaféChicken & LeekBRONZE
Gin Gin BakeryChickenBRONZE
Kiwi Steak and Chesse PieChicken, Bacon & MushroomBRONZE
Melton Bakery C\afe & TakeawayButter ChickenBRONZE
Mi-BakeryChicken, Mushroom & CheeseBRONZE
Minlaton Bakery Satay ChickenBRONZE
The BakersDen BakeryChicken & VegBRONZE
Wangi Wangi Bakehouse – David WoodsChickenBRONZE

Class 7 – Gourmet Pie

Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunBrisket Mac & CheeseGOLD
Maleny BakeryCamelGOLD
Banana Boogie BakeryPork Mac n’ CheeseSILVER
Brighton’s Best BakehouseSlow Cooked Lamb in pumpkin spinach kormaSILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunShichuan LambSILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunFired MeatballSILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunTator Tod PieSILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunBBQ KidneySILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunMexican SILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunBBQ Whiskey BeefSILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunBeef BurgundySILVER
Heatherbraes PiesCrocodile CurrySILVER
Minlaton Bakery Nachos PieSILVER
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesCountry Lamb & RosemarySILVER
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesSurf & TurfSILVER
Allambie PiesLamb & RosemaryBRONZE
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunCaribbean PorkBRONZE
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunSausage LoverBRONZE
Four Seasons Patisserie BakeryMexican Chilli BeefBRONZE
K’Pane Artisan BakeryPork Penang CurryBRONZE
Melton Bakery C\afe & TakeawayEgg, Bacon & Cheese PieBRONZE
Parfait Patisserie Lamb MorrocanBRONZE
The BakersDen BakeryLamb & Sweet PotatoBRONZE
The Humble BakehouseLamb & RosemaryBRONZE
Wangi Wangi Bakehouse – David WoodsCurry Chicken & PrawnBRONZE

Class 8 – Gluten Free Pie

Heatherbraes Pies Sutton ForestVegetarian & Spiced WalnutSILVER
Jojo’s Gluten Free GoodiesThai Red Chicken Curry PieSILVER
Jojo’s Gluten Free GoodiesWagyu Beef PieSILVER
Jojo’s Gluten Free GoodiesCauliflower & Cheese PieSILVER
Jojo’s Gluten Free GoodiesScallop PieSILVER
Jojo’s Gluten Free GoodiesBeef, Chilli & CheeseSILVER
Jojo’s Gluten Free GoodiesWagyu Beef and Caramalized Onion PieSILVER
Gron Haus (The Pastry Lounge)GF Beef Burgundy PieBRONZE
Gron Haus (The Pastry Lounge)GF Chicken & Leek PieBRONZE

Class 9 – Apprentice Plain Mince Beef Pie

Four Seasons Patisserie Bakery – Tran LeGOLD
Heatherbraes Pies – Taris EatonSILVER
Minlaton Bakery – Simon ChapmanSILVER
Parfait Patisserie – Beth NunesSILVER
Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery – Gemma MonteloneSILVER
Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery – Kaitlin CastSILVER
Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery – Nathan KingiSILVER
The Little Red Grape – Thomas PittawayBRONZE

Class 10 – Traditional Pastie

Banana Boogie BakerySILVER
Clare Rise Bakery 1895SILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunSILVER
Gin Gin BakerySILVER
Kiwi Steak and Chesse PieSILVER
Minlaton BakerySILVER
Orange Spot BakerySILVER
Orange Spot BakerySILVER
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesSILVER
Sunraysia Bread & Butter BakerySILVER
The Little Red GrapeSILVER
Aussie Oggie Pasty CoBRONZE
Copley Bush Bakery & Quandong CaféBRONZE
The Bakehouse AldingaBRONZE
Wangi Wangi Bakehouse – David WoodsBRONZE

Class 11 – Gourmet Pastie

Ferguson Plarre BakehousesGOLD
Bakers Cottage CaféBreakfast PastieSILVER
Banana Boogie BakeryTuscan Chicken PastieSILVER
CJ’s BakerySpiced Quinoa & Veggie SpeltSILVER
Orange Spot BakeryThree Pepper PastySILVER
The Little Red GrapeLambSILVER

Class 12 – Vegetarian Pastie

Aussie Oggie Pasty CoVeganSILVER
Bakers Cottage CaféVegetableSILVER
Bakers Cottage CaféSpinach & FetaSILVER
Banana Boogie BakeryRoast Veg & RosemarySILVER
CJ’s BakeryCheese & VegetableSILVER
Clare Rise Bakery 1895Veggie & CheeseSILVER
Country Cob Bakery Boronia – Chan KhunSILVER
Kiwi Steak and Chesse PieVegetableSILVER
Orange Spot BakeryVegan Medley – Quinoa, Spinach, MushroomSILVER
Pattisons Patisserie MossmanVeganSILVER
Pattisons Patisserie MossmanVegetableSILVER
Pie Face Bakery PTYVegetarian Cornish PastieSILVER
Rolling Pin Pies & CakesWholemeal VeganSILVER
Sunraysia Bread & Butter BakeryVegetarianSILVER
The Little Red GrapeCheeseSILVER
The Bakehouse AldingaSpinach & CheeseBRONZE
The Brooky PieVeggie PastieBRONZE

Class 13 – Gluten Free Pastie

Jojo’s Gluten Free GoodiesRoast Vegetable PastieGOLD
Ferguson Plarre BakehousesBeef Ragu & Chunky Italian SausageSILVER
Gron Haus (The Pastry Lounge)GF Moroccan Sweet Potato Pastie – Frucose FreeSILVER
Gron Haus (The Pastry Lounge)GF Cornish Pastie – Frucose FreeBRONZE

Class 14 – Apprentice Traditional Pastie

Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery – Nathan KingiSILVER
Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery – Kaitlin CastSILVER
Sunraysia Bread & Butter Bakery  – Gemma MonteloneSILVER
The Little Red Grape – Thomas PittawayBRONZE

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